Tuesday, December 7, 2010

diy cards - will you be my bridesmaid?

So, this post may be a bit dated, but it's still very blog-worthy. In fact, I've been wanting to blog about it since I sent the cards last March!

Below is a sample of the card I sent to my wonderful friends/sisters/cousin asking if they would so kindly honor me and be my bridesmaids. I think they turned out wonderful!

What sparked the idea was the adorable doily envelope idea, courtesy of Martha Stewart -- we used it as the inner-liner. I thought it was so chic, so feminine, and was the perfect first impression of my wedding theme.

The cards were handmade (via PowerPoint -- yes, PowerPoint) and pasted on light pink cardstock from Paper Source -- another "DomesticChic" obsession (I'm sure we'll have a blog about it one day). I also purchased the old-fashioned wax seal with an "H" monogram from there.

It's all about making the receiver feel important, and I hope this did the trick. Thank you, bridesmaids for saying "yes!"

Note for the blog-world -- The wedding was on 10.15.10. There will definitely be a wedding post when we receive more of our photos.


Elizabeth said...

These were so exciting and fun to open! I didn't know I would be one until I recieved this in the mail, and it was the perfect way to include me on her big day.

Gah, I sound so cheesy, but it's true! :)

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy these doilies?

Hillary said...

Hi there -
I purchased these doilies on this Artifacts site - http://www.artifactsinc.com/ws_products.asp?catid=13.
I'm not sure if the Butterfly doily is still on the site, however.
Here was the original post on Wedding Bee - the idea came from a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.
Good luck with your doily project!

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